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Joy Writing - Pets Prompt

Write a diary entry for your pet or some other animal. A day in the life of, or maybe an observation report. Try to be as descriptive as possible using the perspective of items and situations at their eye level. 
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How To Use The Pomodoro Technique To Improve Your Writing

I use the Pomodoro Technique for nearly every area of my life, especially activities I'm having a hard time psyching myself up for. It's really awesome for writing because that first blank page can be a frightening thing to face but if you give yourself a limited amount of time to put just the right amount of pressure to push forward.

Check out this video from How To ADHD for a quick crash course.

A Sense Of Accomplishment When I was first establishing my writing routine I would give myself a little reward at the end of 25 minutes, like a piece of chocolate or a fancy cup of tea. Now just the act of completing 25 minutes of writing is enough to please my reward-craving brain with a sense of accomplishment. Do whatever you need to do to create the association of writing for 25 minutes with a feeling of wonderful especially if up until now you've been creating less than awesome associations with your writing.

Make Time For Writing I've also used the Pomodoro to keep mysel…

Joy Writing - Find A Mentor Prompt

Choose a favorite author that you admire and write them a letter (don't worry, you aren't going to mail it unless you want to) telling them in detail why their stories resonate with you - but not as a reader, as a writer. Think of yourself as their colleague and let them know what kind of an impact they've had on your writing.
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Strategies To Keep the Writing Habit

Last week I talked about how to get over performance anxiety that kills your writing habit before it can even get started. Now it's time to start that habit.

All habits take time before they become routine, writing is no different. Here's the thing though, no matter how much we WANT to make something a habit we always seem to get distracted and suddenly it's been days, or even weeks, since we last followed through. Then the feelings of frustration and defeat set in. Take heart, Distracted Writer, you are most definitely not alone. These are the techniques I use to keep myself on track - give them a try for yourself or build on them with your own strategies.

Set Realistic Goals I know I covered this already in the previous post but it's so important that it bears repeating. The worst thing for us is to set up a regime that is too rigid. If it's not something you can look forward to you'll be avoiding in no time. Keep it light and low pressure, especially when you…

Why Having ADHD Makes You A Better Writer

We all know having ADHD can be less than awesome but there are some great advantages to having ADHD (or just being generally busy-minded).

Need proof? Read on.

Imagination ADHD and daydreaming pretty much go hand-in-hand and while that can trip us up when we have to stay focused on taking the trash out or following directions, it's the perfect thing for creating and percolating story ideas. Being able to slip in and out of our imaginations is a gift that more "sensible" brains may not find as easy. So next time you day dream yourself into locking yourself out of your house (again), go easy on yourself - you're a natural born writer at work.
Multi-Tasking Every time I hear someone describe what it feels like to have ADHD they almost always go with the "too many tabs open" in their mental computer. That is a pretty accurate summation and while that can slow us down for staying focused on work or school, it's wonderful for juggling all the necessary layers …

Joy Writing - Dream Space Prompt

Imagine your ideal writing space. Is it a home office, a cabin in the woods, or maybe your favorite cafe? It can be something completely made up or an enhanced version of what you already have. Stock it with everything you need to write - writing tools, snacks, creature comforts, companion animals. Be as descriptive as possible. 
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How To Use Strategies To Start A Writing Habit You Won't Avoid Later

Before I figured out I have ADHD I thought maybe I just didn't have what it takes to be a writer. It felt like I was spinning my wheels and getting nowhere. The only thing that kept me writing was that I couldn't not write. The stories inside me never quit and I feel like I'll explode if I can't get them out. I'm sure you know that feeling as well. Since giving up wasn't an option I had to figure out how to game myself and my shortcomings. After I was diagnosed I learned how to manage my ADHD by using a technique I picked up from Your Life Can Be Better by Douglas A. Puryear MD (which I seriously can't recommend enough) - implementing strategies. I use strategies for everything now - from staying on top of chores, juggling appointments, and paying bills on time. I figured if that could revolutionize my everyday life than surely it could work for my writing life as well.

Before you create a strategy you have to identify what the problem is exactly. For me, …