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Reason #143896 For Why I'm Not Writing

I’m sorry for the long wait. It’s been a rough few weeks, and I’ve really been struggling with my depression. January always just sucks the life out of me. I should have posted an update weeks ago, but I kept thinking I would have my planned posts finished in a day or two, and there would be no need of an update but days would come and go with nothing to show for it but avoiding my computer screen at all costs. My tried and true techniques for busting writer's block have failed me. But that’s okay, I just need to readjust my strategies a little. And I need to absolve myself of the guilt I’m heaping on myself for not writing because that makes me avoid it even harder. 
There is a post in the works (two, actually), and it’s almost done so if I can just keep my butt in my writing chair long enough to finish it you’ll have it very soon. Otherwise just know that it’s coming. Someday. 
Me: You should be writing. Also me: Nope.