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I Suck...And That's Okay.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’ve been away for quite some time. Three months long. Too long. Depression grabbed ahold of me and did not want to let me get any writing done. What little writing energy I could muster I spent on my fiction writing and other assignments. Even with those projects, I made very little progress. It’s been like trying to write through sludge while underwater. I’m sure some of you know how this feels.

With the weather and my with it depression, improving I’m going to push myself to get back on a regular blogging schedule. I have to get back to a regular writing schedule period.

To break my crazy long hiatus, I give you this video from the great Maureen Johnson. I met her at a convention once, and she’s as awesome as she is nice. I come back to these words of encouragement often to help me pull myself out of my own funk when I get stuck in it like I have been recently. I had almost forgotten about it entirely because I hadn’t needed it in so long. Things have a…